Efficient, reliable and quiet – our HST Turbocompressors are the modern standard in aeration blowers. Why contend with the noise and hassle of old, obsolete equipment?

Read on to see why it’s time to change.

HST™ turbocompressors

Innovative technology for incredible performance

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Magnetic personality

Rotor bearings controlled by magnetic fields mean high performance without mechanical friction. With no wear, why schedule downtime for bearing overhaul?

Never wearing thin

No mechanical wear maximizes service life and minimizes maintenance costs.

Stop start

Stop and start reliably without mechanical friction or wear - ideal for varying wastewater oxygen requirements.

Dry run

With no oil required for lubrication or cooling, don’t let leaking, frozen, boiling or sour liquid affect your uptime.

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HST 2500

HST™ turbocompressors

Turn down the volume at your facility

No more noisy neighbors

Quiet performance

In the past, blowers and excessive noise have always coexisted. Move away with the HST’s quiet high speed blower technology. Well thought out designs and simple measures such as noise insulation, facilitated by the turbo technology, mean no more eardrum shattering noises during operation. We’ll help you keep the volume down.

Turn it down

Multiple options and accessories such as unique silencers and customized ductwork can reduce noise beyond the blower. Select your options below to hear for yourself.

HST™ turbocompressors

Reliability proven around the world

Performance that puts you on the map

Decades of development make the HST a technologically advanced solution with a long, documented history. Incremental improvements in performance with each generation means we have a global record for reliability. Thousands of users worldwide aren’t wrong.

See how the HST spread around the world.
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HST™ turbocompressors

Compact size and accessories for simple retrofitting

Some changes are easy

A compact footprint and a plentiful selection of pipework accessories or configurations means any retrofit is straightforward. Tailormade to fit the space and performance requirements of each application, the HST is always a perfect fit.

See how the HST can fit into smaller and smaller spaces in the video below.

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