Maintenance turnarounds

Tower Field Service is a global leader in maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns and provide a comprehensive range of specialized services for plant infrastructure, including towers and columns, reactors and regenerators, heat exchangers, boilers, heaters and furnaces, and piping and structures.

Consistently delivering results under tight schedules

We have focused on maintaining the highest possible standards for all our clients over a period of over forty years with an experienced and dedicated team that understands the process of consistently delivering results to tight schedules.

Thanks to the experience acquired by our teams, we can provide expert field services that will minimize downtime for both planned and unplanned turnarounds.

We are offering an extensive range of services, such as: blind-to-blind isolations, corrosion protection services, high-pressure cleaning, inspections, manufacture of process equipment, mecanical installations, repair and replacements, scaffolding, torque bolting.

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