Main benefits
  • Lower energy consumption than conventional set-ups 
  • Lower recycle streams 
  • Higher yields 
  • Higher sustainability
Hybrid process solutions

Hybrid process solutions

You can benefit from our unique position and our long-standing experience in providing separation solutions to the pharmaceutical and (fine) chemical industries, as well as to the producers of ingredients for food and beverages and flavors and fragrances.

We help you to make your processes more sustainable by choosing the right combinations from our extensive portfolio in separation technologies including distillation, evaporation, liquid-liquid extraction, crystallization and membrane technology.

We are not only able to design a hybrid process solution for you, we also have the requisite expertise to develop this concept into an industrial-scale plant. In our state-of-the-art test centers we have testing units available for all our technologies. Test units of different technologies can be combined to validate hybrid process concepts that form the basis for a reliable scale-up. We can therefore provide you with a hybrid solution with a guaranteed performance.

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