Minimizing our carbon footprint

We have a clear path towards reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity is our main source of carbon emissions so we put a plan in place to switch to non fossil-fuel sources for our sites.

Photovoltaic modules

Our approach

Energy supply and climate change are global challenges, both with a double materiality impact on and from our company. We act to minimize our impact across the whole value chain, starting with our own operations. Energy decarbonization is one aspect that drives immediate results. This supports the energy transition to a world aligned with the Paris Agreement goal and reinforces business resilience.

We are convinced that if we are responsible in the way we produce goods and offer services to customers, we will not only have a significant competitive advantage but we will also have employees who are even more committed to our overall effort.

We have set ourselves ambitious targets: reduce our own CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030 and become carbon-neutral by 2050.

Delivering reliable energy supply from intermittent renewable sources

Sulzer is developing solutions to one of the major challenges that confronts renewable energy forms such as wind and solar – ensuring that the variable renewable energy supply caused by unpredictable weather conditions can be evened out and controlled to match energy demands.

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