Main benefits
  • Long and trusted experience in the pulp, paper and board and other industrial segments
  • A single model can be used for the entire wide operating range of an MC pump
  • Easy operational connection to the other process equipment
  • Unique heavy-duty design
  • Quick and easy installation in a pipeline, reactor feed and reactor discharge
  • Reliable operation, easy maintenance and service
  • Low energy consumption


Main applications
  • Pressurized reactor feed and discharge
  • Dividing and controlling medium-consistency pulp
  • Gas removal option
  • Chemical mixing

Main design features
    • Design consists of the fluidizing section, sealing section, bearing unit and motor support frame
    • Double-acting mechanical seals
    • Grease or oil lubricated bearings
    • Flange type motor
    • Flexible coupling
    • Can be installed either vertically, horizontally or in other desired positions
Key characteristics
Capacities Up to 2500 ADMT/d
Pressures Up to 16 bar / 360 psi
Temperatures Up to 120 °C / 248 °F
Maximum speed of rotation Up to 1 500 r/min
  • Chemical pulp fiber line
    Proven pumping, mixing and agitation solutions for your cooking, washing, screening, oxygen delignification, bleaching, and storage processes to ensure process reliability, high efficiency, and low operating costs.

  • Mechanical pulp line
    Sulzer’s ideal product portfolio for challenging pumping, agitation, and mixing operations in refining, grinding, CTMP, screening, reject handling, and bleaching processes.
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  • Spare parts
    Original spare parts machined to the correct tolerances and clearances give a perfect fit first time, every time. Our commitment to continuous improvement often allows us to supply parts with improved features, thus enhancing performance, extending equipment life, while reducing maintenance costs.

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