Dewatering expertise

It’s all about water and moving it

Fast dewatering of a worksite is critical to productivity. Knowing which pump is best for the job depends on many factors. Job conditions and deadlines set different requirements for choosing the right pump type. When you need to move water at construction sites, in tunnels or mines, in ship yards, for irrigation and in other applications, we will help you to choose the right pump for the job.

Expert dewatering techinician in mine

Ensuring a safe work site

If you work on a construction site or in a mine, you know how important it is with a dry worksite to keep production running and for guaranteeing the safety of your team. Dewatering of the workplace prior to any construction work reduces the risk of accidents and could also improve the working environment.

Techician dewater in construction site

Methods and applications

There are many dewatering methods to get the dry worksite you need for your construction- or mining projects. The major methods are sump pumping, wellpoints, deep-wells, bypass and flood control. These techniques are applicable for dewatering applications on construction sites and in mining and tunneling.

Our dewatering pumps

The most common dewatering pump types are submersible drainage- and sludge pumps designed to meet tough challenges on construction sites and in tunnels and mines. The compact and robust design combines low weight with high capacity and high abrasion resistance for efficient handling of dirty water. We focus on turning challenges into achievements by reducing operative costs in mine activities and selling and renting equipment that can help you reduce energy consumption.
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