XPET Foam extrusion technology

Sulzer – XPET Foam Extrusion Technology

PET foams have a very high potential to replace todays PS foam standards, they will become the new state of the art foam material in short-term. Thanks to their remarkable properties, PET foams offer perfect solutions for various application industries.

Main benefits
  • Lower carbon footprint than XPS, XPE and rubber
  • Use of up to 100% recycled PET
  • Enhanced mechanical properties
  • Better thermal insulation features
  • Higher temperature resistance
  • Higher resistance against moisture and chemical solvents
Main applications

Packaging industry

Replacement of XPS trays for fruits and vegetables

Food industry

Microwavable food trays

Green power generation:

Composite material for windmills

Solar industry

Insulations for fluid temperatures above 100°C

Automotive industry

Refrigerated food trucks, mobile homes

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