At Sulzer, we understand that collaboration with our strategic suppliers supports delivery of world class products and services to our customers. Together our goal is to deliver these products on time, competitively priced, and with the highest quality in which we have built our reputation on over the last 180 years. As we continue to increase the value we bring to our customers by using best in class technologies and efficiently managing our supply chains, we will continue to strengthen these key supplier relationships and jointly improve our performance.

Daniel Altmeyer - Head of Global Procurement
Meercat portal
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Sulzer utilizes supplier management software to monitor and measure all aspects of our supply chain. We use Meercat to evaluate our suppliers, schedule quality improvement initiatives, and share supplier performance throughout our organization.

Meercat application

Purchase specifications
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The link below gives access to the Pumps Equipment specifications and procedures included on your purchase order.

Sulzer quality documents

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