Your processes
    • Cooling polyester (PET) melts between polycondensation and spinning steps in modern continuous fiber plants
    • Melt viscosity adjustment by temperature variation to obtain optimal processing conditions
    • Dissolving or swelling raw materials for fiber spinning

Sulzer SMR™ mixer-reactor is a state-of-the-art device in removing heat from viscous material, be it is used as a polymerization reactor or as a polymer cooler. It has been successfully applied to the synthetic fiber industry as primary and/ or secondary PET melt coolers, either in the grass-root plant or retrofitted into an existing plant.

In polyester (PET) fiber plants, viscosity is sensitive to the temperature in the cooling of polymer melt. Most of the modern PET plants are using direct spinning and in order to increase throughput of polymerization reactor, the reactor temperature is increased.

Therefore, PET requires immediate cooling to reduce thermal degradation after it is discharged by primary polymer cooler (gear pump).

The Sulzer Mixer Reactor SMR™ is a tube bundle heat exchanger that allows high-effective cooling or of viscous media. The SMR™ heat exchanger is your first choice if you wish to combine effective mixing with controlled heat transfer.

heat exchanger

General Benefits

  • High heat transfer capacity.
  • Narrow residence time.
  • Intensive radial mixing.
  • Plug flow behavior, no mal-distribution effect.
  • Gentle, low-shear treatment of the product.
  • Small pressure drop.
  • Minimum maintenance due to absence of moving parts.
  • Less space required than conventional system.
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