Putting your safety first with our tower field services

Our health and safety program is certified to OHSAS 18001 globally. Management commitment and employee involvement, the hallmarks of the program, have produced an enviable health and safety record, which consistently ranks among the best performing service providers in the industry.

Sulzer Tower Field Service Workshop with safety banner in front
  • Safety program certified to OHSAS 18001  
  • Continious safety training for personnel 
  • Safety performance with an accident frequency rate best in class
Safety performance

An excellent safety performance is critical to our business success

Our goal is to provide an injury-free work environment. We provide our employees with a high degree of responsibility, enabling them to make decisions and take action to ensure greater customer satisfaction. Employees will demonstrate a similar dedication to improving safety in the workplace.

Our safety performance

  • Over 4 million man-hours were carried out at our customer sites with an accident frequency rate (AFR) the best in class 
  • Introduction of a global initiative to increase the reporting and communication of learning events to help facilitate best practices 
  • In our drive for continual improvement we enhanced our behavioral safety program

The most valuable resource we have is our people. While quality and productivity are critical to our operation, they will never take precedence over the safety of our personnel.

Health and safety first

We recognize the value of health and safety 

Tower Field Service conducts a series of safety training programs to provide customers with a knowledgeable workforce capable of working safely and efficiently in any situation. 

This commitment begins when the employee is recruited and continues throughout their employment. Sulzer Tower Field Service is leading the way in computer-based training for tower and vessel work. Formal training starts with an orientation for new recruits. Classroom and practical refresher training is provided at least annually to all employees. Training in specialized skills, such as forklift operator training, is provided on a periodic or as needed basis, to qualified individuals. 

To help demonstrate competency, Tower Field Service ensures compliance with a customer’s training requirements via the tracking of training records and dates, together with the individual’s work history and evaluation of work performance.

Customer partnership

Customer partnership 

The true test of the program is our customers’ satisfaction with our health and safety performance whilst on the job, with the repeat business we receive from regular customers being our greatest reward. 

Many of our clients have been customers for decades, including some of the most recognizable global brands. Whoever the client, our relentless focus on our values of operational excellence, customer partnership and our team's commitment to the highest standards of quality, environment, safety and health provide us with the impetus to succeed efficiently and with exceptional value for every job we perform.

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