Become more sustainable

We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen and harness the power of fluid engineering to make life better, safer and more sustainable. Our expertise in pumping, agitation, mixing, separation and application technologies for fluids powers solutions that enable economies across the world to become more sustainable. Our sustainability strategy is composed of three pillars – minimizing our carbon footprint, enabling a low-carbon society, and engaging our employees and communities to build a more inclusive and sustainable future. The three pillars are supported by strong governance.

Extending the life of renewable energy assets

Water represents one of the largest sources of renewable energy on our planet. For over 2’000 years, water has been harnessed to power machines, and more recently to generate electricity. Today, using the latest engineering techniques, we are able to achieve new levels of efficiency and reliability for hydropower stations, ensuring the future of this sustainable form of energy production. Sulzer helps hydropower stations to maximize output and extend their operational life by decades, thereby accelerating the world’s transition to renewable energy.

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