Enabling a low carbon society

We invest continuously in R&D and use our expertise to address environmental challenges with a wide variety of cleantech solutions in areas like water, circularity or renewable applications.

Underwater sea

Our approach

We use our unique expertise to address environmental challenges with a wide variety of cleantech solutions. These include areas like water, circularity, efficiency and renewable applications. We invest continuously in R&D activities and work together with leading global companies.

We enable a low carbon society by providing our customers with solutions such as recycling technologies, AI driven energy saving, or plastic substitution via degradable biopolymers, among others. They benefit from our sustainability-rooted engineering through product durability and quality, reduced footprint, and lower energy and chemical use. 

Sustainable solutions can only be achieved if there is a strong culture with highly committed teams: our people tell us that they work and go the extra mile to help the company succeed.

Sustainable and degradable bioplastics with Sulzer

While we have come to realize the environmental limitations of plastics, there is still a great future in such materials – especially if solutions based on the principles of renewability and circularity are adopted. One of the most remarkable examples is polylactic acid (PLA), a highly sustainable bioplastic that is now produced worldwide. PLA production is mostly based on Sulzer Chemtech’s advanced technology, which is included in almost all PLA production plants currently in operation across the globe.

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