Monitor and configuration software type ABS AquaProg

Upgrade your substation software

AquaProg is a Windows-based software specifically designed for configuring EC 531, PC 441, PCx, and CP 116/216 substations via an RS-232, USB, or modem connection between the substation and the computer. It also performs event and alarm checking, and collects log and configuration data.

 AquaProg -  a Windows-based monitor and configuration software for pump controllers and control systems
Main applications
  • Configuring substations
  • Checking and acknowledging alarms
  • Checking events
  • Collecting log data   
  • Showing the display and LED of the substation
  • Showing the status of the in- and outputs of the substation
  • Collecting and sending the configuration data of the substation
  • Upgrading substation software
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