Main benefits
  • Adjustable bulk density from 25 g/l to 150 g/l and bead sizes in the range of 3-5 mm
  • High toughness
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • High temperature resistance
  • High moisture- and chemical resistance
  • High color fastness
  • High sound absorption
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easily recyclable (nontoxic, free of heavy metal)


Main applications
    • Multiple use as transport and storage boxes
    • Various thermal isolation applications
    • Automotive industry
    • Furniture and toys industry
    • Exercise balls and rollers
    • Load carriers
    • White goods protective packaging
    • Thermo boxes

Sulzer’s unique foam extrusion team presents its newest development: Extrusion based expanded polypropylene. The extrusion process enables industrial molders to launch their own ePP production by developing their proprietary formulations with Borealis PP resin as raw material.

Borealis has developed a particular high melt strength PP grade particularly for the Sulzer foam extrusion process, ePP beads produced with this resin can be molded using low steam pressure and standard molding Equipment.


New reliable foam extrusion process for production of ePP beads

The combination of a high-resolution loss in weight feeding system, a tailor-made twin screw extruder and an accurate direct injection of blowing agents such as carbon dioxide or isobutane into the PP melt ensures product specific characteristics and flexibility for a huge field of applications for the ePP industry.

Sulzer’s unique melt cooling technology and an individual designed underwater pelletizing system completes the extrusion foam process for customized beads production.


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