Potassium (K) is found in deposits that can be liquid or solid, underground or at surface level. Various mining, extraction and processing processes exist to transform the raw potash into high-quality potash fertilizers. 

The production of most potash fertilizers can be divided into two main activities: mining or extraction of the raw potash, and processing into a potash fertilizer. Within these activities, multiple techniques and processes exist with their own specific applications and particular operating conditions.

Mining-extraction and underground disposal

Our product portfolio includes the full range of centrifugal, mixed and axial flow pumps to meet the wide demand in terms of very high flow or head. When needed and in order to offer cost-effective solutions, tailor-made designs can be considered. We also have a complete range of submersible dewatering pumps and wear-resistant slurry pumps. 


Your applications (examples):

  • Water/brines injection pump
  • Brines/seawater lifting/intake pump
  • Ponds/brines transfer pump
  • Tailings transfer pump
  • Tank agitator/mixer
  • Mine slurry back-fill pump (excl. paste filling)
  • Deep-well injection pump
Flotation processing

Our wide product portfolio covers all potash applications for pumps, agitators, mixers and compressors. For core applications in heavy media separation and flotation-beneficiation activities, heavy-slurry pumps and heavy-duty agitators are required. For light slurry and clear liquids, process pumps are needed with focus on efficiency. Our portfolio also includes liquid ring vacuum pumps as well as high-efficiency centrifugal blowers and compressors, as well as liquid ring vacuum pumps. 

Your applications (examples):

  • Water injection pump
  • Mill discharge pump
  • Hydrocyclone feed/UF/OF pump
  • Attrition feed/discharge pump
  • Conditioner agitator/mixer
  • Flotation feed/UF/OF pump
  • Flotation air injection fan/blower
  • Thickener feed/UF/OF pump
  • Filter feed/wash pump
  • Tank agitator/mixer
  • Slurry tailings transfer pump
Leaching-crystallization processing

For leaching-crystallization, we have an extensive range of products for all pumping, agitation and mixing applications from clear water to the most abrasive slurries: single-stage and multi-stage process pumps (horizontal or vertical design), heavy-slurry pumps, axial flow pumps, vertical agitators and vertical propeller circulators. We also offer liquid ring vacuum pumps for filter applications.

Your applications (examples):

  • Hydrocyclone feed/UF/OF pump
  • Evaporator feed pump
  • Evaporator/crystallizer external circulation pump
  • Evaporator/crystallizer internal circulator/agitator
  • Mother liquor transfer pump
  • Mash extraction pump
  • Tanks agitator/mixer 
  • Thickener/clarifier feed/UF/OF pump
  • Filter feed/wash pump
  • Condensate pump
  • Centrate pump

A solution for every application.

With a cumulated experience of 100 years in the fertilizers market, we have a broad range of dedicated equipment that will meet your needs from the most erosive to corrosive applications.

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