Main benefits
  • Silent shut-off and effective sealing
  • No flutter of the flap in the case of long pipelines (flap valve)
  • Self-cleaning effect due to the ball movement (ball valve)
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Minimum head losses
  • No wearing parts
Main applications
  • Wastewater
  • Sewage
Main design features
  • Ball check valves type ABS are designed for use in drainage and sewer mains. The unique design of a ball check valve allows free movement of the ball while at the same time ensuring  a good seal.
  • The flap check valve is a synthetic non-return valve for use in drainage and wastewater mains. Its two-piece design features a single disc seal that operates on a moulded rubber hinge, which when open makes the total diameter of the pipe available for the passage of the medium.
Key characteristics
Ball valve G 1 ¼” – G 2 ½”
DN 80 – DN 150
Rated pressure 10 bar
Medium temperature
Continuous operation
60 °C
Flap check valves G 1 1/4” – G 2”
Rated pressure 4 bar
Water test pressure 6 bar
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