Main benefits

The main advantages of this state-of-the-art PLA technology are:

  • Highly efficient polymerization process using Sulzer Mixing Reactors (SMRTM) systems
  • Fast product transitions between different PLA grades due to short residence time
  • Operational flexibility to produce different PLA grades with different molecular weights
  • Compact-sized plants
  • Straight-forward scalability to bigger plant sizes of up to 100 kt/a
  • Precise reaction temperature control thanks to the equipment geometry and inserts allowing an efficient energy dissipation
  • Perfect melt mixing thanks to the unique geometry of the reactors
  • Low maintenance costs due to installation of mainly static equipment
Main applications
    • Thermoforming: packaging for food industry, glasses, straws
    • Fibers and non-wovens: t-shirts, blankets, carpets
    • Film: single use gloves, bags, agricultural films
    • Injection Molding: computer cases, cutlery, car parts
    • Bottles: detergent or beverage
    • Rotomolding: car and machine parts
    • 3D printing: filament for 3D printers
Biodegradable PLA

Biodegradable PLA

Biodegradable polymers based on renewable feedstock have started to replace conventional polymers produced from fossil fuel. Sulzer offers a complete plant solution for the PLA production. Lactide monomer is polymerized in a continuous, fully integrated process using Sulzer's proprietary SMRTM technology and equipment.

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