CMS 24x monitoring & reporting

Keep informed about your operations from afar

AquaWeb is an advanced web based monitoring and surveillance system with both remote control as well as alarm handling capabilities. The system is mainly aimed at pumping stations within wastewater collection networks and for flood protection but can also be used to monitor other rotating equipment as for instance air compressor.

CMS 24x Monitoring and Reporting
AquaWeb can be used to
  • Show the status of the whole collection network on a map
  • Show the status of specific stations
  • Advanced alarm handling
  • Categorization of alarms and reason
  • Collect and present events
  • Collect and present log data
  • Automatic time or event driven maneuvers
Advantages for collection operation
  • Always reachable via internet
  • Low investment cost
  • No upgrade costs
  • No maintenance costs
  • Fixed running cost
  • Top of the range service and operation
  • High built-in security
Included in CMS 24x

The basic version CMS 24X “Monitoring & Reporting” includes: Remote on-line monitoring with support for geographical map and an interface to stations, indication of historical report and trending with basic alarm indication.

The CMS 24x monitoring and reporting system includes a whole range of services including everything from pump controllers and modems at the station, via a communication server, to a web interface.

Included in CMS 24x:

  • An app interface
  • A central online tracking tool of all connections
  • Remote connectivity of AquaProg via Ethernet
  • A parallel viewing and configuration interface
Description Part Number
CMS 241 “Monitoring & Reporting 15 Mb” Part number: 62007041
CMS 242 “Monitoring & Reporting 100 Mb” Part number: 62007043
CMS 243 “Monitoring & Reporting 200 Mb” Part number: 62007044
AquaWeb functionality overview table
AquaWeb functions AquaWeb CMS 241 monitoring & reporting includes AquaWeb CMS 251 remote control & alarms includes
Remote on-line monitoring with support for geographical map Yes Yes
Interface to stations Yes Yes
Indication of historical report Yes Yes
Indication of trend graphs Yes Yes

Basic alarm indication

Yes Yes
Multi mimics functionality Yes Yes
Possible to remotely change set-points and executive maneuver`s No Yes
Advanced alarm handling No Yes
Advanced automatic maneuver logic No Yes
App support, IOS & Android Yes Yes
Aquaprog support Yes Yes
AquaWeb 3G SIM card
Sulzer SIM card with own APN

AquaWeb 3G SIM card (Telenor Connection):
The SIM card including set-up instructions for connection to AquaWeb for the Sulzer Control & monitoring devices.

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