Cartridge seals

TSB mechanical seals for reliable operation and fast and easy maintenance

TS1, TS2 and TS2P cartridge seals are designed as universal shaft seals for the seal chamber of the standard gland packing casing cover and for the standard shaft sleeve of the gland packing.

TS1 cartridge mechanical seal
  • The cartridge seal forms one solid unit having its own sleeve, fixing flange, seal faces, springs and all necessary O-rings, gaskets, setting clips and fixing crews.
  • By the setting clips, the cartridge seal is set radially and axially in the right location during assembly.
  • The seal is fixed on the pump shaft or on the shaft sleeve by set screws and into the casing cover by studs and nuts utilizing fixing slots (4x90°) on the seal flange.
  • Since cartridge seals can be fitted to the standard casing cover of all kinds of pumps and rotating flow machines, it is possible to use the same seal types in a variety of pumps and other machines.
Technical Specifications Material Alternatives
TS1 TS1 with Flushing TS2/TS2P
P max 25 bar / 363 psi 25 bar / 363 psi 25 bar / 363 psi
V max

25 m/s / 82 ft/s

25 m/s / 82 ft/s

25 m/s / 82 ft/s

T max

125°C / 257°F

140°C / 284°F
with internal flushing

140°C / 284°F
with external flushing
180°C / 355°F
Seal faces
SiC/SiC, C/SiC SiC/SiC, C/SiC SiC/SiC-SiC/SiC
Other parts
AISI 316, AISI 329 AISI 316, AISI 329 AISI 316, AISI 329
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