Key features
  • Inductive measurement principle
  • Tolerant to deposits
  • No export restrictions
  • Minimum nozzle size: 6” (Top Mounted)
  • Minimum nozzle size: 2” (Retrofit)
  • High accuracy oil/water interface determination, excellent reliability and robustness.
  • Separator water profiling Intrinsically safe electronics
  • No active components inside vessel
  • ATEX Ex ia IIB T4 UL
  • Marks for the United States and Canada Class I Division 2, Groups C & D, T4 Class I, Zone 2, aGroup IIA and IIB,T4
  • Control system interface MODBUS RTU (RS485)
  • 4-20mA for interface signaling
  • Rugged electronics design and 316L instrument enclosure
  • Detection of sand build-up
  • Integrated temperature sensor
Main applications
  • 3 phase production separators (HP, MP, LP, 1st stage, 2nd stage, 3rd stage separators)
  • 3 phase test separators
  • L-L separators with a conductive phase present
  • Electrostatic coalescers such as VIEC, dehydrators and desalters
  • Oil/water settling tanks
  • Any type of water treatment tanks
iphase measurement principle diagram

Measurement principle

The Sulzer iPhase™ profiler measures the electrical conductivity of the water/oil mixture surrounding each sensor.

Dispersed oil droplets are non-conductive compared to the surrounding water. The overall conductivity will therefore decrease with increasing concentration of oil. The iPhase™ profiler measures the oil-water interface, provides accurate measurements of water conductivity and thereby the oil in water profile inside hydrocarbon separators.

The conductivity is measured by setting up an electric field and measure the current flowing. The electric field is an induced field and is therefore very tolerant to deposits.

Technical specifications
Max current consumption: 70 mA
Typical current consumption: 50 mA

Minimum supply voltage at full load:

11.7 V
Process temperature: -20 °C < T < 120°C
Ambient temperature: -20 °C < T < 75 °C
Conductivity measurement range: 3 S/m < σ < 50 S/m
Level measurement range: 1'430 / 2'200mm
Interface accuracy: 15 m
Resolution: 20 mS/m
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