• Global service network with world-class personnel
  • Integration of service offerings from Cana-Tex, TowerTech, SAB Technical Services, Preu Kolonnenservice, BMC Canada, CL Engenharia and Interweld
World map with locations of Tower Field Service from Sulzer
Tower Field Service global locations
Global offering

Global leader

Tower Field Service has become the global leader providing customers with high-quality services at competitive prices, and delivering projects safely and on time.

Global service

Over the years we have developed an extensive global network in key locations including:

Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States of America, Venezuela

World-class personnel

Tower Field Service has a global network that is ideally placed, well equipped and experienced to service your needs and requirements regarding the maintenance, installation and revamping of process equipment for towers, vessels, reactors, and static equipment including heat exchangers, furnaces, boilers, piping, etc.

Interweld logo


In 2015, Sulzer aquired the Business of InterWeld Inc Ltd, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


  • Specialized weld overlay company for corrosion/erosion solutions
  • Cladding solutions for high value industries
  • Enhancing the lifespan of critical components with reduced downtime and lowered maintenance costs

With this acquisition, the Chemtech division will enhance the competitiveness of its tower field service activities by adding the offering of a full range of automated weld overlay services to the oil and gas as well as the power market.

CL Engenharia
Logo of CL Engenharia company, now belonging to Sulzer

CL Engenharia

The acquisition of the privately-owned maintenance specialist C.L. Engenharia Ltda. in Brazil was completed in 2011.


  • Recognized specialist in
  • Maintenance of vessel internals
  • Heat exchanger maintenance and manufacture
  • Piping construction and manufacture
  • Heater and boiler maintenance and manufacture
  • Vessel fabrication

With the acquisition Sulzer has extended its portfolio with static equipment maintenance service.

BMC Canada
Logo of BMC Canada Maintenance Service company, now belonging to Sulzer

BMC Canada

In 2011, Sulzer acquired the company Black Magic Crew Ltd. in Canada.


  • Over 30 years’ experience in Canada
  • Recognized specialist in tower field services
  • Enhancing competiveness in Canada

With this acquisition Sulzer enhanced the competitiveness of the tower field service activities in Canada by adding the competencies of a local contractor with a skilled crew.

Preu Kolonnenservice
Logo of PREU Kolonnenservice company, now belonging to Sulzer

Preu Kolonnenservice

At the end of 2009, Sulzer Chemtech strengthened its geographical presence in Germany with the acquisition of Preu Kolonnenservice.


  • Over 30 years of experience in Germany
  • Recognized specialist in tower field services
  • Enhancing competiveness in Germany

With this acquisition Sulzer gained a competitive offering in Germany, and an increased resource base to support our existing service offering in Europe.

SAB Technical Services
Logo of SAB company, now belonging to Sulzer

SAB Technical Services

In June 2009, Sulzer Chemtech further strengthened its geographical presence in Asia with the acquisition of SAB Technical Services India.


  • Over 30 years of experience in India, the Middle East and Asia
  • Enhancing site maintenance and tower field service capabilities for the region
  • Adding heat exchanger, piping and other static equipment maintenance to our service lines
  • Large and experienced resource base

Complementing our service activities in the Middle East and other parts of Asia such as Singapore.

Logo of TowerTech company, now belonging to Sulzer


In January 2009, Sulzer completed the acquisition of the TowerTech companies based in Australia, Thailand and Singapore.


  • Over 20 years of experience throughout Asia
  • Experts in maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns
  • Increasing our vessel modification and welding services

Complementing our existing service capability in Singapore.

cana tex


In 2005, Sulzer purchased Cana-Tex, the leading US-based specialist tower service maintenance company.


  • Over 30 years of experience globally
  • Experts in maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns
  • Extensive experience in column internals from all manufacturers
The Cana-Tex group of companies in the US, UK, the Netherlands and Singapore has been integrated with Sulzer's existing service group to form the largest global specialized tower field service supplier.
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