Main benefits
  • Exceeds the SALOMIX™ MX4 propeller in both efficiency and thrust
  • Energy savings up to 20% compared to the MX4 propeller, depending on the application
  • High pumping capacity with axial flow
  • Adjustable blade angles to reduce energy input – or to increase capacity
  • Smooth operation with low vibrations due to efficient propeller design
  • Easy to install and order
Main applications
  • Clean and slightly contaminated liquids
  • Viscous liquids
  • Fibrous and other slurries
Main design features
  • New high-efficiency EX3 propeller (patent pending)
  • Due to adjustable blade angles, the adapter can be used in two ways, just by changing the angle:
    • The same agitation level as with the MX4, but lower power consumption
    • Higher agitation level with the same motor size
    • All blade angles are available for both new deliveries and retrofits
    • The smooth hydraulics of EX3 may even increase the lifetime further
  • The new EX3 propeller is available for new deliveries of SALOMIX™ side entry agitators.
    • The default blade angle is for maximizing the agitation level for each motor size
    • Energy savings can easily be achieved if agitation can be reduced by changing the blade angle

Both the MX4 and EX3 propeller have a very long lifetime in normal applications. Therefore it can be a good idea to overhaul the seal when replacing an MX4 propeller with an EX3 to avoid unpleasant surprise. The easiest way is to renew the seal with a SALOMIX™ mechanical seal service kit.

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