For Saur, the operator of the Furania plant—which has a treatment capacity of 282'000 population equivalent—and Saint-Etienne Métropole, the owner of the facility, reducing the plant's energy consumption was a major consideration in the renewal of its aeration devices using compressors with proven technology and reliability.
Cinq compresseurs HST Sulzer alimentent en air les deux bassins à boues activées de la STEP Furania


As part of the renewal of the operating contract, Saur replaced two HST 6000 turbocompressors with high-speed motors equipped with magnetic bearings.

Since January 2021, five Sulzer HST compressors have been supplying air to the two activated pumps at the Furania WWTP, and despite the 13 years between the first and the new generation, the turbocompressors continue to operate without failure.

What appealed most to the operator was the use of energy saving certificates for the HST 6000 turbocompressor. This enabled Saur to make significant savings on its investment.
La station d’épuration Furania

Client benefits

  • The magnetic bearings levitate the shaft in rotation. Unlike a traditional air compression system, there is no contact or friction and therefore no mechanical wear on the rotor. 
  • The handy, compact unit can be easily installed and moved using a simple pallet truck.
  • Maintenance is limited to regular checks and the occasional replacement of air filters.
  • The integrated man-machine interface is intuitive for safe and efficient operation.

Energy efficiency is a key issue in our thinking and the granting of subsidies under the energy saving certificates scheme has reinforced our choice.

Mr Eliel Kesteloot - Director, Saur Auvergne-Loire
Product features

HST 6000-2-L turbocompressor

  • Reliable active magnetic bearing technology withstands very high loads at high speeds without friction or wear and tear, and with no limit to the number of starts
  • The high-speed, three-phase asynchronous motor offers high efficiency over a wide and stable range and limits losses through direct drive. Equipped with a variable speed drive, the flow rate or pressure can be adjusted to actual demand, thus optimising the overall power consumption
  • The airflow range is between 1'800 and 6'800 Nm³/h and the motor power is 240 kW
  • The system is compact, easy to handle and quiet
  • The HST 6000 turbocompressor is eligible for the following energy saving certificates:

IND-UT-102 Electronic speed control system on an asynchronous motor
IND-UT-120 Low pressure centrifugal air compressor

  • HST™ turbocompressor
    The modern and silent HST™ turbocompressor features an advanced design with proven magnetic bearing technology and a high-speed motor driven through a built-in frequency converter.
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