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Welcome to the Sulzer web-based pump selection tool ABSEL which allows users to select pumps for the wastewater industry

ABSEL is an internet-based software tool that allows users to select pumps for the wastewater industry
Performance curve in ABSEL

With ABSEL, you can select specific pumps by configuring the application area, pump series and duty point using the “Hydraulic Selection” function. Alternatively, you can navigate through our pump offering by using the “Pump Browser”. 

Once you have selected a pump, you have the option to download  complete product information in PDF format with pump and motor performance curves, a product description, dimensional drawings, operational cost calculations and data sheets.

You can also run a friction loss calculation on dry or wet well applications using the “PipeCalc” function. The “PipeCalc” database contains a wide variety of predefined pipes and fittings such as elbows, valves, transition pieces, inlets and outlets. To provide a first calculation in seconds, the “PipeCalc” function offers you a predefined piping arrangement in a pumping station.

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