Main benefits
  • Long and trusted experience in pulp, paper and board and other industrial segments
  • Suitable for the most demanding, discharging high-consistency fibrous slurry tower applications
  • Unique and reliable design 
Main applications
  • Medium-consistency discharge scrapers with MC pump are used for discharging high-consistency towers
  • Capability to 13% tower consistency without dilution, and to 20-35% tower consistency with dilution
  • Outlet stock consistency is typically 8-13%
MC discharge scraper
MC discharge scraper and MCE pumping system with innovative Fluider™ technology and degassing unit in operation at pulp mill.

Main design features
  • Reliable, high-efficiency hydraulics
  • Wide variety of material options
  • Innovative technical solution for reliable operation
  • Reliable and heavy-duty design
Key characteristics
Capacities Up to 8000 ADMT/d
Pressures Up to 10 bar / 145 psi
Temperatures Up to 120 °C / 248 °F
  • Chemical pulp fiber line
    Proven pumping, mixing and agitation solutions for your cooking, washing, screening, oxygen delignification, bleaching, and storage processes to ensure process reliability, high efficiency, and low operating costs.

  • Mechanical pulp line
    Sulzer’s ideal product portfolio for challenging pumping, agitation, and mixing operations in refining, grinding, CTMP, screening, reject handling, and bleaching processes.

  • Recycled fiber line
    Energy-efficient products with low life cycle costs and a lighter environmental footprint for your pulping, screening & cleaning, flotation, washing, and bleaching processes.
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