Air for efficient aerobic biological treatment

Turbocompressors for clever wastewater treatment in a pulp and paper mill

Norske Skog Boyer Mill in Tasmania is a TMP newsprint mill that has produced paper continuously since 1949. A wastewater treatment plant comprising a central moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) and outer activated sludge tank (AST) treats up to 25’000 m³/d of process effluent. Four sets of HST™ turbocompressors play an essential role in the supply of air for efficient aerobic biological treatment. The compressors feed nine subermersible OKI aerator mixers in the AST and the aeration grid in the MBBR.

HST 6000 feeds 9 units of OKIs with air in the activated sludge tank.
Turbocompressors type ABS HST
HST™ turbocompressors

The challenge

To meet the requirements of highest reliability and efficiency:

  • Highest reliable performance – minimal downtime and maintenance
  • Simple operation – compressors are automatically controlled to achieve dissolved oxygen level
  • Efficient operation – the compressors run with high efficiency and VFD drive
  • Deep tank – compressors can meet the high pressure requirement

The solution

Sulzer tailored a package of HST turbocompressors to meet the customer’s requirements:

  • Automatically controlled air flow to achieve the actual level of dissolved oxygen
  • Very low power consumption with high efficiency and VFD drive
  • Practically maintenance-free with magnetic bearing technology and no wearing parts
  • Compact and simple design made installation easy and needed less space
Sulzer’s HST turbocompressors play an essential role in the efficient supply of air in the biological treatment aeration reactors. Patrik Kolmodin, Business Development Manager General Industry

Customer benefit

Due to their innovative design, the HST turbocompressors are an excellent choice for industrial wastewater treatment:

  • Compact design reduced the construction cost
  • Perfectly achieved dissolved oxygen level by automatic control system with stable performance
  • Absolutely easy operation and minimum work load for operators
  • Maintenance-free, several years of trouble-free operation
  • Power consumption is always at optimal level, reducing the operation cost considerably
  • Quiet operation and no need for extra measurements to eliminate noise
Product specification

4 HST 6000-2-H-4 turbocompressors

Capacity 6’000 m³/h
Pressure 100-120 kPa
Motor 240 kW
  • HST™ turbocompressor
    HST™ turbocompressors are widely used in wastewater aeration and low-pressure industrial processes. The energy-saving and silent HST turbocompressor features proven magnetic bearing technology and a high-speed motor optimized for the duty.
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