Main services
  • Pilotplants for development and customer trials, For polymerization, devolatilization, mixing and heat transfer
Testing equipment
  • Pilot plant on 6 floors, For capacities from 5 - 50 kg
Polymer pilot center
Sulzer employee in the polymer pilot center at a test unit
State-of-the-art laboratory for polymer characterization, including particle size, residual volatiles, crystallization behavior, molecular weight, reaction kinetics, and rheology

Polymer pilot center

Sulzer maintains a world-class, fully equipped polymer pilot center for process development and customer testing in Winterthur, Switzerland. The pilot facilities are ideal for performing all kinds of testing ranging from bench-scale mixing experiments through to complete polymerization processes.

Sulzer employee in the polymer pilot center installing a test unit
Installation of a customized test set-up for devolatilization of a polymer solution, comprising feed preparation, pre-heater, devolatilization and overhead system
On six floors, our experienced team of pilot technicians, R&D engineers and modeling specialists build your customized pilot plant for proof-of-principle testing and collection of scale-up data. We also operate fixed scale-down pilot plants of our EPS and PLA technology for customer demonstration and sample production.
Sulzer employee in the polymer pilot center at a test unit
Extrusion center with a choice of different extruders (twin-screw, single screw) and dosing/vacuum systems for compounding and testing of new technologies

Capacity of the pilot plants

The scale of our pilot plants is usually set to production capacities between 5 and 50 kg/h. Within our PLA technology portfolio, Sulzer will soon be operating its own 1 000 t/a demonstration plant for production of larger samples and scale-up tests. This demonstration plant will be on-stream as of early 2012.

Overview at a glance
Sulzer employee in the polymer pilot center at a test unit
Continuous EPS pilot plant based on the Sulzer EPS technology with an underwater pelletizer for production of customer samples

Our Polymer Applications and Test Center group at a glance:

  • Fixed pilot plants for EPS and PLA technology
  • Flexible pilot plant set-ups for devolatilization and reaction tests 
  • Mixing, dispersion, and heat exchange in highly-viscous media 
  • Vast choice of pilot scale mixers and heat exchangers 
  • Full range of process equipment available (for example, extruders, gear pumps, pelletizers) 
  • Production capacities between 5 and 50 kg/h 
  • Fully equipped analytical laboratory for polymer characterization 
  • PLA demonstration plant with a 1 000 t/a nominal capacity (on-stream as of early 2012) 
  • Sample production with customer formulations 
  • Continuous operation in three-shift mode possible 
  • In-house workshop for production of prototypes and plant maintenance
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