Energy audit is a consultative service that is aimed at bringing energy savings for process equipment. The key benefit for companies are the energy savings. The audit benefits companies in reaching business targets, increasing operational efficiency, and improving their environmental sustainability.

The audit offers actionable insights on what to do to lower the operational energy consumption of the pumps, agitators, mixers, turbocompressors and other process equipment:

  • Equipment that operates off its best efficiency point is identified
  • Comprehensive recommendations for improving energy efficiency are provided

Sulzer’s expertise in process equipment can be utilized to analyze and improve the performance and energy efficiency of a site. The project is conducted in cooperation with the client organization and the results are thoroughly explained

Energy audit project phases
Energy audit project phases

Energy audit supports companies’ ESG initiatives

Companies conducting their emissions’ calculations or seeking for environmental certifications can use the results of the Energy audit to decrease the environmental impacts of their operations. With comprehensive review and analysis on the equipment-base opportunities to minimize the energy consumption caused by process equipment are identified.

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