Main benefits
  • Monitoring of water levels
  • Prevention of flood damage
  • Audible alarm
Main applications
  • Faecal-free wastewater
Product information
Designed for the monitoring of pumping station water levels in domestic and small commercial properties. Activation can be by float switch, 'broken finger' switch or humidity sensor. If the water rises above a given level an alarm will sound. Can be fitted with a 9 V battery to ensure continued operation in the event of a mains power failure.
Main design features
  • The Alarm WM-Stop version has an integral Schuko 230 V earthed DIN socket into which an appliance (e.g. washing machine) can be plugged.
  • Available with a float switch (KS), 'broken finger' switch (NSM05) or a humidity sensor (Humidistat).
Key characteristics
Operating voltage 230 V AC, 50Hz
General temparature range -25 °C to +105 °C
Degree of protection IP 21
Power consumption < 3 W
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