Solvent recovery systems

Solvent recovery brings economic and environmental benefits

As we understand how a cost-effective and efficient solvent recovery system can bring you both economical and environmental benefits, we dedicate much of our effort to customizing your solvent recovery systems.

Skid-mounted solvent recovery unit with six floors erected by a crane at a customer's site
Main benefits
  • Cost-effective and efficient solvent recovery systems
  • For batch, campaigns or continious processes


Main applications
  • Aqueous non-azeotropic systems
  • Other non-azeotropic systems
  • Heterogeneous azeotropic systems
  • Aqueous homogeneous azeotropic systems
  • Other homogeneous azeotropic systems
Key features

Key features

  • Our solvent recovery systems can be designed for single-duty or multi-purpose operation that allows processing of various different streams in batch, campaigns or continuous processes. 
  • To ensure that you achieve low life-cycle costs and a short payback period, our hybrid process systems optimally combine various technologies such as distillation, absorption, film evaporation, liquid-liquid extraction, crystallization, and membrane separation. 
  • We assist you with DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, and other GMP or FDA requirements.
  • We have delivered numerous skid-mounted solvent recovery systems to some of the world's leading companies.
Aqueous non-azeotropic systems

Aqueous non-azeotropic systems

  • Methanol 
  • Acetone 
  • NMP 
  • Acetic acid
Other non-azeotropic systems

Other non-azeotropic systems 

  • Methanol / ethanol 
  • Ethyl acetate / toluene 
  • DCM / ethyl acetate 
  • DCM / pyridine 
  • IPA / methoxyethanol
Heterogeneous azeotropic systems

Heterogeneous azeotropic systems

  • Butanol 
  • Acetates 
  • MIBK, MEK 
  • Triethylamine 
  • Dichloromethane 
  • Toluene 
  • Xylene / water / methanol 
  • Hexane / water / methanol
Aqueous homogeneous azeotropic systems

Aqueous homogeneous azeotropic systems 

  • Ethanol, IPA 
  • THF 
  • Acetonitrile 
  • Phenol 
  • Pyridine
Other homogeneous azeotropic systems
Loading of a skid-mounted solvent recovery and purification unit with five floors moved with a crane
Loading of a skid-mounted solvent recovery and purification unit

Other homogeneous azeotropic systems

  • Ethyl acetate / cyclohexane 
  • Ethyl acetate / ethanol 
  • Methyl acetate / methanol 
  • DCM / methanol 
  • Methanol / dioxane 
  • Hexane / methanol/butane 
  • THF / ethyl acetate 
  • Decane / THF / ethyl acetate 
  • Methanol / xylene 
  • Acetone / methanol

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