Main benefits
  • Propeller Pumps equipped with Premium Efficiency IE3 motors ranging from 9 to 650 kW for 50Hz.
  • Propeller Pumps equipped with Premium Efficiency IE3 motors ranging from 19 to 1005 hp for 60Hz.
  • Pumps available with motor power up to 650kW / 50 Hz and 1005 hp / 60 Hz can optionally be equipped with planetary gear boxes.
  • Equipped with highly efficient three-or four-blade propellers with excellent NPSH values
  • Propellers available with adjustable blades and special skew shaped propellers for return activated sludge
  • Ideal for applications where large volumes of water have to be pumped up to max. heads of 10 m
  • Designed for direct installation in the discharge pipe or in the concrete risers to save space and reduce installation costs, using the well-proven coupling ring
  • Improved energy savings
  • Long-term reliability
Main applications
  • Storm water protection, irrigation and aquaculture
  • Screened wastewater from commercial and industrial sources
  • Combined sewage and surface water
  • Return sludge or return activated sludge (RAS)
  • Wet wells, submerged with automatic coupling system
Main design features
  • Premium Efficiency IE3 motors in acc. with IEC60034-30
  • Class H (140°C / 284°F) insulation
  • NEMA class A up to 110 kW / 168 HP, above NEMA class B
  • Double silicon mechanical seal
  • Seal protection against spinning fibers
  • 100 000 hours bearing life
  • Sealed cable connection chamber with two stage cable entry
  • Lifting hoop (stainless steel as option)
  • Condition monitoring (temperature, water ingress, option: vibration monitoring)
  • Explosion-proof version as option (ATEX, FM or CSA)
  • Planetary gearboxes, driven by four-pole motors, deliver higher efficiency and lower weight compared
Key characteristics

Key characterisitcs

Discharge sizes DN 600 to DN 1400
Pipe diameters 600 to 1,400 mm (50 Hz) / 600 to 1,400 mm (23 to 55 in) (60 Hz)
Capacities up to 7,000 l/s (50 Hz) / up to 8,500 l/s (134,700 USgpm) (60 Hz)
Heads up to 10 m (50 Hz) / up to 10 m (33 ft) (60 Hz)
Motor power 9 to 650 kW (50 Hz) / 14 to 750 kW (19 to 1,005 hp) (60Hz)


  • Flood control
    Climate change is challenging natural disaster prevention. When water runs off the land in large quantities, Sulzer’s comprehensive range of pumps provide reliable, cost effective and efficient solutions for flood control.

  • Industrial water and effluent treatment
    Sulzer has a deep knowledge in wastewater treatment, and with our wide product portfolio we can now offer energy-efficient and reliable solutions for your water collection, neutralization, flocculation, sedimentation, cooling, aeration, sludge storage, digestion, and dewatering processes.

  • Outlet pumping stations
    Outlet pumping stations are required when the level of the treatment plant is lower than that of the receiving water. This is especially true when discharging into a river, which can rise during heavy rain or flood periods, or into the sea, where the level varies with the tide. Outlet pumping stations may also be needed to compensate for increasing frictional losses in the outgoing pipe at high flows, for example in long sea outfall pipes.

  • Return of activated sludge
    Outlet pumping stations are required when the level of the treatment plant is lower than that of the receiving water. This is especially true when discharging into a river, which can rise during heavy rain or flood periods, or into the sea, where the level varies with the tide.

  • Storm water pumping station
    During heavy rainfall, storm water pumping stations deliver large volumes of water at low head to receiving surface waters or sewers. Having long been a part of flood management, they are increasingly involved in climate adaptation strategies for low-lying coastal cities.

  • Water supply
    Meeting today’s challenges and high requirements within water intake, sedimentation, sludge treatment, fine screening, and water distribution processes.
Case studies and articles
  • Energy-efficient irrigation
    Global climate changes are affecting agriculture around the world, with some areas receiving increased rainfall, while others are experiencing a marked drop. Farmers in those drier regions are compensating for the change by installing irrigation systems, often on an extensive scale. However, large irrigation schemes often require big pumps, driving up energy costs and increasing agriculture-related carbon emissions. Both new and existing installations can benefit from engineering expertise to ensure pumping systems deliver optimum performance and minimized running costs.

  • Short and long-term infrastructure improvements to reduce flooding
    Flooding is on the increase across the world for a wide range of reasons, which makes tackling this complex issue imperative. Periods of increased rainfall are causing more problems than previously because of changes in topography, increased building and the loss of areas that retain water. This is leading to considerable concern for municipalities and local governments, which are tasked with dealing with floodwater and the costs of repairing any damage. However, there are a range of options available including targeted improvements to the pumping infrastructure using purpose-built and efficient assets.

  • Building flood defenses to stand the test of time
    Looking ahead at rising sea levels, water utilities in low-lying areas need to be planning how to handle increased risks of flooding. In Denmark, defenses in the Ringkøbing Fjord have been bolstered by the installation of two new pumping stations, which have been designed and equipped by Sulzer. The new facilities will help to protect the town and the surrounding countryside for the next 40 years and far beyond.

  • Efficient storm water protection and ecological balance
    Sulzer delivers large axial propeller pumps with a total motor power of more than 4 MW for the Integrated Rhine Program (IRP) at Polder Rheinschanzinsel in Germany for flood protection. As part of the IRP, the regional authority of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Karlsruhe is building a retention area for flood control near Philippsburg in Germany.

  • Optimizing efficiency of Spanish irrigation project
    Increasing the volume of water available to an irrigation channel in Northeast Spain was necessary for local agriculture, especially during the dry summer season. The desired outcome of this expansion project was to successfully commission the reservoir of San Salvador with energy consumption kept to a minimum.

  • Sulzer secures contract for Danish climate protection scheme
    Nine Sulzer pumps are set to play a key role in new flood defenses around the town of Ringkøbing. Danish water utility Ringkøbing-Skjern Forsyning A/S has selected Sulzer as the primary pump supplier for a major flood defense project.

  • Driving up efficiency
    The adoption of electric vehicles across the world is increasing rapidly and this demand needs to be matched by the supply of batteries. As new processing plants and manufacturing facilities are constructed, it is important that they employ the latest in pumping technology to ensure optimum reliability and efficiency. Read the article.

  • Case studies
    Wherever fluids are pumped, mixed, controlled or applied, we are there. See how our solutions create value for customers and learn how we can make your pumping and mixing processes more efficient and profitable, safeguarding your production and ensuring lasting reliability.

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