Rectification and reaction technology

Continuous development for reaction technology to stay competitive

Our reaction technology solutions for selected applications have been developed in conjunction with partners in our own piloting facilities. To increase your competitive edge, we are continuously developing our processes and applications to yield higher-value products.

Installation at a customer mill symbolizing reaction technology
Main benefits
  • Development of processes, solutions and applications 
  • Using our own piloting facilities for developments
  • Cooperation with partners
Main applications
  • Ethanolamine production 
  • Polymerization reactions in the SMR plug flow reactor 
  • Reactive distillation 
  • Agitated cascade reaction columns
Ethanolamine process
Ethanolamine plant
Ethanolamine plant

Ethanolamine process 

A typical example of our specialization is the production of ethanolamines, made possible thanks to our close partnership with our strategic partners.

Our ethanolamine process combines reaction and proprietary unit operations such as static mixing, distillation, and short path evaporation technologies to optimize product quality and process flexibility, while reducing energy consumption.

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