Main benefits
  • Various processes available for purification
  • Combination of different technologies for purification
  • Worldwide accepted hybrid processes
Main technologies
  • Vacuum rectification and stripping 
  • Film evaporation 
  • Liquid-liquid extraction 
  • Crystallization


Key features

Key features 

  • The production of a high-purity product requires the removal of impurities to ppm levels. The challenges are diverse: the presence of isomers, azeotropes, heat- and oxidation-sensitive materials, and viscous or complex molecules. By combining our vacuum distillation, film evaporation, liquid-liquid extraction, and crystallization technologies, we are able to solve these demanding separation problems. 
  • Our careful combination of specialized separation techniques into hybrid process systems results in high purification of the product, together with operational safety, flexibility, and low energy consumption. 
  • Our hydrogen peroxide and methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) hybrid process solutions, for example, have gained worldwide acceptance.
Vacuum rectification and stripping

Vacuum rectification and stripping 

  • Herbicides 
  • Octadecanol/additive 
  • Hydrogen peroxide 
  • Fatty acids and fatty alcohols 
  • Ethanolamine 
  • Glycols and glycol ethers 
  • MDA/MDI and TDA/TDI 
  • Halogenated and nitrated aromatics (NT, DCB, NCB) 
  • Xylenes 
  • Alkylphenols 
  • Caprolactam
Film evaporation

Film evaporation 

  • Amino acids 
  • Sugars 
  • Thioglycols 
  • Esters 
  • Fatty acids and derivatives 
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) 
  • Resins
Liquid-liquid extraction

Liquid-liquid extraction 

  • APIs and vitamins 
  • Agrochemicals 
  • Flavors 
  • Wet purification of precious metals 
  • Food grade phosphoric acid


  • Acrylic and methylacrylic acid 
  • Anthracene/naphthalene 
  • Alkylphenols, Bisphenol A 
  • Benzoic and phosphoric acid 
  • Caprolactam, DMT 
  • Chlorinated and nitrated aromatics 
  • Para-xylene and meta-xylene 
  • Lactide 
  • Paraffin waxes 
  • Pyrrolidone 
  • MDI, TDI 
  • Sterol 
  • Trioxane 
  • Xylenol
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