Sulfur (S) is the essential constituent of one of the most common chemicals produced industrially, sulfuric acid. Its output volumes are almost infinites. The main consumers are in the phosphate, chemical and metals industries. 

Sulfuric acid is produced from various sources and via several processes. From the production of molten sulfur in the O&G industry to the production of sulfuric acid in fertilizer, metals, and chemical complexes, we are present in all steps of the process with dedicated and proven equipment. 

Our coverage of the sulfur industry also includes a complete range of rotating equipment for water supply, water treatment, cooling water circulation and other specific applications linked to power generation.

Molten sulfur production and handling

We have a dedicated range of equipment for key applications in the production and handling of molten sulfur: heat jacketed vertical line-shaft pumps as per API (VS4) or manufacturer standard, heat jacketed horizontal pumps, and vertical agitators for melting and intermediate molten sulfur tanks.

Your applications:

  • Melting/pump/storage tank agitator
  • Filter feed pump 
  • Filter precoat pump
  • Burner feed pump
  • Polishing pump
  • Storage tank circulation pump
  • Sulfur loading pump
Sulfuric acid production

With a long experience and worldwide references in sulfuric acid plants, we can provide you with our dedicated and proven VAS vertical turbine pump for sulfuric acid tower circulation. For other applications, we have horizontal process pumps, and vertical cantilever or line-shaft pumps for sump applications.

Your applications:

  • DT/IAT/FAT circulation pump
  • Oleum tower circulation pump
  • Product acid pump
  • Oleum transfer pump
  • Acid transfer pump
  • Drain pump
  • Acid/effluent sump pump
Heat recovery in sulfuric acid plant

Heat recovery is a must for producers targeting the highest overall efficiency of the plant. Several technologies exist requiring pumps that are able to handle very hot sulfuric acid, and in some cases molten salt pumping may also be needed. We developed a specific design for our VAS pump for very hot sulfuric acid applications, and we have extensive experience in molten salt vertical pumping applications.

Your applications:

  • Heat recovery tower circulation
  • Molten salt circulation

Waters around sulfuric acid plant

The production of sulfuric acid requires a large amount of water either as a feedstock for the sulfuric acid itself, or for the various applications linked to flushing, cooling and power generation. We have a complete range of standard and well-performing equipment including horizontal and vertical pumps, either single-stage or multi-stage, and axial and radial split pumps for either large flow or high head applications.

Your applications:

  • Cooling water circulation pump
  • Water feed pump
  • Scrubber circulation pump
  • Effluent sump pump
  • Condensate pump
  • Boiler feed pump
  • Phosphate fertilizers
    Our pumps and agitators provide durability and reliability in severe applications and our high-efficiency compressors reduce energy consumption.

  • Mining and metals
    In the real world time is money, and worksites have no time for unwanted water. Sulzer has the solutions in a complete pump range for reliable dewatering.

  • Chemicals
    Sulzer improves quality, capacity, and energy efficiency with its advanced technologies and services for separation processes; including distillation, absorption, evaporation, extraction and crystallization. Our pumps, mixers, and agitators cover the specific requirements in chemical processes.

  • Waters in fertilizers complexes
    Our dedicated pumps, agitators, mixers and aeration equipment provide efficiency, reliability and durability in all water and wastewater applications.
  • AHLSTAR A process pump range
    AHLSTAR A end-suction single-stage centrifugal process pumps are used for demanding industrial applications to ensure process reliability, high efficiency and low operating costs. The pump exceeds the requirements of ISO 5199.

  • Process pump type Ensival Moret EMTECH
    EMTECH horizontal single-stage end-suction pump range has been designed for demanding process pumping applications. It fulfills energy efficiency regulations across all industries and exceeds the requirements of ISO 5199 international standard. Efficient hydraulics reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • SNS end-suction single-stage process pump range
    The SNS end-suction pump has been designed to exceed the highest energy efficiency regulations across all industries and also the design requirements of ISO 5199 international standard. The innovative design makes this centrifugal pump more reliable while significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

  • CPE ANSI process pumps range (ANSI/ASME B73.1)
    CPE ANSI pumps are specifically designed to exceed the strictest energy regulations for all industries as well as the requirements of ASME B73.1. With revolutionary hydraulics and high efficiency, they offer the lowest life cycle costs.

  • SMD axially split casing double suction pump
    The SMD water pumps are available as standard and configured pumps to meet the demands of different water applications. With a best-in-class hydraulic design, the SMD pumps can take on challenges in raw, clean, sea and brackish water applications. The clean water pumps have ACS and NSF 61 drinking water certifications.

  • ZPP double suction, axially split single-stage centrifugal pump
    ZPP double-suction axially split single-stage centrifugal pumps are used for demanding high-capacity industrial applications to ensure process reliability, high efficiency, and low operating costs

  • MBN multistage ring section pump
    The MBN pumps are ideal for use in high-pressure applications. They have a big variety of nozzle position options, thus providing flexibility during installation and simplifying the piping design.

  • MC high pressure stage casing pump
    M-series pumps have a modular design thus allowing Sulzer to find the most efficient solution to meet customer requirements.

  • VA cantilever sump pump
    The VA cantilever sump pump range has been designed for pumping all kinds of clean and contaminated liquids and slurry.

  • VM vertically suspended sump pump
    The design of the VM vertically suspended sump pump includes a wide range of hydraulics. This makes it perfect for several industrial applications for pumping sump and corrosive liquids and slurries.

  • VEY and VNY molten salt pump for concentrated solar power
    The VEY and VNY are vertical mixed-flow molten salt pumps with high capacity and medium to high head. Its design includes hydraulics from proven ranges. These pumps have been engineered to balance high efficiency, low submergence, net positive suction head required (NPSHR) considerations, long lifetime and reliability as required for concentrated solar power.

  • Vertical acid pump type Ensival Moret VAS
    The VAS pump range has been specifically designed for sulfuric acid pumping applications. Due to its engineered design, the VAS acid pump range minimizes the corrosion wear effect while offering high efficiency and reliability. Superior operational performance has been demonstrated with its longer maintenance-free operation from initial startup.

  • Cantilever sump pump type Ensival Moret VSF
    The VSF vertical pump range has been specifically designed to handle molten sulfur applications.

  • Scaba top mounted agitator
    Scaba top-mounted vertical agitators are used for mixing and agitating process liquids in many industries, including wastewater and industrial applications.
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