Repair and overhaul services

Expect your machine to perform at its best

Repair services provide our customers with the assurance that when their piece of equipment is returned to operation they receive the maximum value from the repair process. No matter how complex the equipment, regardless of OEM, you can be confident your machine will perform as expected.

Repair and Overhaul Service

Repair services from the experts

Equipment repair can be carried out at one of our service centers and, for basic repairs, on site at your location. After a thorough inspection is completed, a full report of the machine’s condition will be drawn up. When repairing a piece of equipment to ‘as new’ condition, the following points are addressed

  • Overall condition
  • Detailed examination of all critical parts and their condition
  • List of parts suitable for re-use or refurbishment
  • List of parts to be replaced
  • Estimate of time and cost of work needed

Advanced repair services

Sometimes even the best ‘as new’ repair does not solve a reoccurring problem. Users often find themselves having to repair certain pieces of equipment more often than would be expected. This is usually caused by a combination of equipment design, operation and system factors and, if not addressed, poor performance risks are increased with implications for efficiency and productivity.
In such situations we go beyond the standard repair with our advanced technical services.  Our engineers are able to draw on extensive machine, system and process knowledge from within all our facilities. Where we find equipment repair is due to more than just routine wear and tear we also include the following

  • Description of the background reasons for failure or loss of performance
  • Proposals for materials or design upgrades
  • Recommendations for process or operational changes
  • Recommendations for changes in operation and maintenance procedures
  • Jointly discuss the best measures to take to avoid premature repairs in the future

Our aim is to give you, our customer the maximum value from the repair process, enabling you to expect measurable improvements in your equipment’s performance and efficiency when returned to service.

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