Problems with rotating machinery can be caused by a wide range of conditions, many of which are not related to the machine itself. 

Root cause analysis

Operators of pumps and other rotating equipment often have difficulty isolating the root cause behind poorly performing equipment.

Widely acknowledged for our industry-leading pump technology, we are your ideal partner to find the root cause of poorly performing equipment and systems.

A typical project consists of a study of the complete installation. The existing instrumentation schematics are also reviewed to assess their suitability for the inspection process and ongoing monitoring of the equipment. If required, we are able to provide full instrumentation for the inspection of the equipment and system.

Your key benefits are:

  • Knowledge of current pump condition without the need for a shutdown
  • Potential to extend pump operating time between scheduled maintenance periods
  • Recommendations for system and process optimization
  • Optimized spare parts stocking
  • Potential to upgrade the pump with latest technology and materials
  • Direct and indirect cost savings


During a typical site inspection, we;    

  • Confirm pump duty during normal operation and under process upset conditions (flow, head, speed, balance, line flows, etc.)
  • Record vibration parameters (both absolute and relative figures)
  • Collect data during the start-up and shutdown phases
  • Temperature measurement (bearings, cooling systems, seal flushes, etc.)
  • Check mechanical seals for leaks
  • Review operation of minimum flow valve or other control devices
  • Check for other external leaks and abnormal noises

Analysis and recommendations

Measurements are analyzed by our engineers, who prepare detailed reports covering the following:

  • Comparison of current operating conditions to the original design criteria
  • Estimation of recirculation losses of balance system wear (where applicable)
  • Recommendations for any changes in general operation (e.g. temperature limits) 
  • Recommendations to existing maintenance regimes
  • Recommendations for any system or process changes
  • Recommendations for stocking critical spare parts
  • Proposal for pump modifications if applicable
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