Reduce downtime and increase production with solutions that fit your operation

Market demands, varied applications and mature equipment are just a few of the challenges operators face in our dynamic world. Choosing the right solutions provider is more vital than ever. From the leader in pump manufacturing, OEM-X line Service by Sulzer gives you peace of mind in uncertain times.

Sulzer stays ahead of technology and capabilities for rotating equipment repair. Our foundation and expertise reside in providing the best service, overhaul, retrofit, upgrades, field service and part manufacturing.

OEM-X line: the universal pump solutions for today and tomorrow

Total asset support, anywhere
We are where you are. Sulzer’s global footprint of 180 service centers ensures your pumps are supported. And we go the distance for you with our ever-ready field service teams, to bring the service to your site.

Operational reliability through pump optimization
Market demands are increasing the need for full asset availability. Sulzer is your partner in getting the most of your pumps in today’s dynamic world and for the future. Sulzer means flexible solutions and faster uptime.

Pump service is just a phone call away, anytime
Your operations never sleep, and Sulzer is here to support you. Our 24/7 service centers and expert field service teams keep your pumps pumping. No matter the challenge, no matter the time, Sulzer is your partner for total pump service.

Get OEM-like service from an ISP that is the leading pump OEM
Rely on the best pump manufacturer to service all your pumps: MSDs, verticals, OH pumps and more, beyond brand or tenure. Our legacy is in service, and your assets are our #1 priority.

Challenging application? Challenge accepted
You stand apart and we stand with you. Sulzer Pump Services offers expertise in analysis, inspection, and flexible solutions to fit your unique application needs. Our technology and experience give you the upper hand in repairing and improving your assets.

Inspection & Analysis

Inspection & Analysis

Sulzer’s approach to inspection and analysis ensures you’re getting the right solution for your equipment. It’s not just a pump itself that can cause failure, but demand, environmental and application conditions are just a few of the problems your pump faces. Sulzer’s inspection and analysis is offered in the service center closest to you or even on site and includes:

- Root cause analysis
- Precision duty measurement
- Analysis and recommendations

OEM-X line Service by Sulzer means a special care to your pump. With our expertise in solutions and not just replacing, you always get the Sulzer standard of service. We don’t just repair, retrofit or manufacture needed parts, but we learn all we can about your asset and operations to offer and execute the best options for you.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Our world is constantly changing, and your equipment can feel the effects of new demands. Our reverse engineering offers reliable and rapid delivery to reduce downtime and increase operational output.

Sulzer stays on the forefront of the best technologies and approaches to improve rotating equipment performance and sustainability through:

- Material upgrades
- Coatings
- Design upgrades
- Hydraulic improvements
- Enhanced maintainability

No matter your operational application, required performance demand, brand or asset maturity, Sulzer is here to improve pump efficiency, reduce MTBF and keep your pumps pumping.

Bespoke Solutions: Parts Manufacturing

Bespoke Solutions: Parts Manufacturing

There’s more to replacing your pumps’ parts than just inventory concerns. What about upgrading materials, coatings or design to improve equipment performance or minimizing carbon footprint? Or what if your pump is mature and parts are simply unavailable or with extensive lead times?

Don’t worry, Sulzer has got you covered. With OEM-X line, no matter the state of your pump, age, or brand, we have the capabilities, technologies and expertise to re-engineer and manufacture replacement parts. With our network of service centers and available materials, in-stock, your pump parts challenges are solved with rapid delivery, to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

Better parts. Faster delivery. Improve efficiency. Reduce downtime and MTBF.

That’s OEM-X line Service by Sulzer. Any Pump. Any Part. Any time.

Bespoke Solutions: Additive Manufacturing

Bespoke Solutions: Additive Manufacturing

Pump users often find it difficult to source replacement parts for old or obsolete equipment. These parts may be subject to long delivery times or commercially unattractive terms.

In such cases, our re-engineering capabilities provide a competitive and reliable alternative with the added security that is fundamental to all Sulzer technology.

We extend these advantages beyond pumps to include a wide range of components, which can be re-engineered for compressors, turbines and valves of any age, produced by any manufacturer.

Using sophisticated 3D coordinate measuring equipment, we can fully model a part to a high degree of accuracy. The model is then used to generate manufacturing drawings for the replacement. Parts may be turned or cast. For castings, our patternless rapid prototyping technology reduces lead times to an absolute minimum.

Our technology allows you to incorporate design changes and material upgrades into the process to improve components originally produced many years ago.

Bespoke Solutions: Retrofit

Bespoke Solutions: Retrofit

When reliability, uptime and operating conditions push your assets to the brink, Sulzer says let’s look at retrofit. Sulzer believes that your pump is great and that we can make it better together. Through the OEM-X line Service by Sulzer we can offer retrofit upgrades for virtually any piece of rotating equipment. Beyond brand, model, application, or age. Optimize a piece of equipment as much as possible.

Field Services

Field Services

Some crucial assets are too large to ship, or an outage may require onsite support. Sulzer goes where you are, anywhere. Our expertise moves beyond our service centers with rapid-deploy, 24/7 field service teams. When it comes to maintenance, the choice is between the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an independentservice provider (ISP), but with OEM-X line it is possible to have the best of both worlds. Sulzer brings the capabilities, technology and solutions where and when you need it the most. Reliable, swift, ever-ready, anytime and anywhere.

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