Retrofit upgrades can be performed on virtually any piece of equipment regardless of age or original manufacturer.
Benefits of retrofits:

  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Maximized revenue generation

Improved reliability

Equipment in critical applications often needs relatively high levels of maintenance or suffer from poor reliability. A retrofit to match duty requirements will increase component life, while reducing maintenance costs. This optimization reduces the risk of unplanned outages, improving the availability of the entire system. A single unscheduled outage can cost as much or more than a complete retrofit.

Reduced operating costs

Improving your equipment's efficiency is crucial to minimizing operational costs. The overall cost of running your equipment throughout its service life is many times higher than the initial capital expense. Improvements in hydraulic design allow equipment to be retrofitted with our custom hydraulics, therefore reducing power consumption and overall cost of ownership.

Maximized revenue generation

When operating conditions demand more from your equipment, a retrofit is a cost-effective answer to increasing throughput without the expense and time required to install new equipment. A retrofit has the additional benefit of maintaining existing piping and foundation arrangements, thus further reducing downtime and costs.


Case Studies

White Paper

  • Reviving pump performance
    High energy pumps represent a significant investment for mid and downstream oil and gas facilities. Operators in the industry realize that pump efficiency is a key characteristic in facing the challenges of minimizing costs while meeting demanding productivity targets. As application and pump performance requirements change, retrofit projects offer a cost-effective solution with an excellent return on investment.

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