Main benefits
  • The design of stripping units is geared to provide you with improved column performance, increased capacity and reduced energy consumption.
  • Design activities are supported by computer simulations and in-house pilot plant testing.
  • Our vast experience and know-how in the field of stripping combined with an in-depth understanding of column hardware ensures we provide you with the optimum solution.
Main applications
  • Remove lighter components from a liquid mixture, e.g. dissolved gases or lighter chemicals
  • Remove solvents from wastewater
  • Recover chemical products from a liquid phase


This basic operation in fluid processing serves to remove one or more lighter components from a liquid mixture. These components can be dissolved gases or lighter chemicals. The purpose of this process is typically to recover products from a liquid phase or to remove pollutants from wastewater. Sulzer has extensive experience in the successful design of stripping systems, especially combining a stripping step to remove solvents from wastewater with additional processing steps to purify these solvents.



We offer you complete lines of column internals, packing or trays that can satisfy any stripping requirement, together with a basic engineering package and other key equipment such as column shells, heat exchangers, and decanters. You can also choose the delivery of a complete, often skid-mounted unit including process control and start-up support services.

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