Sulzer’s priority in this crisis has been to ensure the continued health and safety of all its employees. However, in many places that we operate, we also have a responsibility to help ensure that critical infrastructure can keep running. We have many employees who have worked courageously throughout the lockdowns, with stringent health and safety precautions in place, to maintain power, water, hospitals, shipping, refineries and essential manufacturing around the world. 

Rising to the challenge 

Companies, such as Sulzer, have been recognized as ‘critical suppliers’ due to their importance in keeping national infrastructures operational.  

At the front line are the hospitals that are under unprecedented stress to accommodate large numbers of patients, while all the time still having to deal with other serious illnesses and injuries. For its part, Sulzer has continued to deliver essential repairs to a huge number of pumps, motors, air handling units and compressors used by the healthcare sector. 

In Indonesia, Sulzer is offering pro bono support services to hospitals for the maintenance of backup power supplies to ensure patients continue to receive care, even if the main power supply fails. In the UK, several emergency repairs have been delivered to hospitals including a gas compressor motor for a company which forms a vital part of the medical supply chain. 

Working at Sulzer Indonesia during the Covid-19 pandemic

Keeping the lights on 

Support for power stations around the world continues, with so many pumps, motors, turbines and generators on each site, Sulzer’s comprehensive expertise is being deployed to ensure reliability of service. Field service teams are working in Indonesia to get a power plant back on the grid, while in the UK, a letter of thanks has been received from one of the country’s nuclear power stations for a job well done. 

In addition to this, a critical firefighting pump package has been completed by the manufacturing facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where new safe working practices have enabled the factory to continue operations.  

There have been many more examples over the last few weeks of our teams kicking into action all over the world to ensure the continuation of everyday necessities. In the last weeks we have provided services, repairs and critically needed components to supermarket chains, food producers, pharmaceutical companies, cargo ships, energy and water companies, transport systems and more. 

With dedicated people and fast response times, Sulzer has been able to help customers and the millions of people they serve during this crisis.   

Operating in these difficult times has meant several changes in working practices, but Sulzer remains committed to providing a responsive and high-quality service – while protecting the safety of staff and customers alike. Anyone requiring Sulzer’s services is encouraged to contact their local Sulzer facility.

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