Sulzer Ensival Moret in Saint Quentin, France, offers a full line of pumping and mixing solutions for a wide range of industries and process applications, covering everything from pulp and paper, oil and gas, power, and fertilizers to sugar, metals, chemicals and biofuels. 

Keeping crucial infrastructure running 

During these unprecedented times of Covid-19, the production facility of Sulzer Ensival Moret is operating to support critical industries – food, water, chemical, medical and energy companies that are providing essential services to communities.  

The site also supports the local business community, such as the chamber of commerce, to restart work and continue operating – through frequent exchanges and partnership actions.  

However, beyond maintaining services for critical industries, the team is also working hard to adapt to the situation and support our employees and the local community during this time of need.  

Donating protective gear  

As part of the measures, the team donated protective gear such as disposable gloves and gowns as well as surgical masks to the local hospital, polyclinic and establishment for housing vulnerable elderly people.  

Sulzer Ensival Moret also adapted its own processes to support customers who switched to producing hydroalcoholic gel. In normal times, these companies process sugar or starch products. 

Supporting employees and looking out for apprentices 

Several of our employees have partners who work at the hospital, in clinics, or caring for elderly people. Sulzer Ensival Moret has reorganized work for these colleagues so that they can support their partner / families and continue working, for example through home office or with an adapted new work schedule to meet their needs.  

Sulzer Ensival Moret currently has 10 student apprentices whose studies have been stopped by school closures. The team has made a special effort to take them on full-time and continue training them during this difficult period. This is an investment for the future that required significant reorganization efforts since the apprentices cannot work without supervision, aligning new work schedules and ensuring appropriate social distancing.  

It is this kind of initiative that will help Sulzer and local communities tackle the adversities ahead and re-emerge with renewed strength.  

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