Basic engineering package
  • The basic engineering package provides the necessary information to integrate the new unit into an existing process.
  • The scope of the basic engineering package can be adapted to your specific requirements.
Typical scope of basic engineering package
  • Process description
  • Process flow diagram (PFD)
  • Mass and heat balance
  • Utility list
  • Piping and instrumentation diagram (P and ID)
  • Equipment specifications
  • Instrument specifications
  • Process control description
  • Preliminary equipment layout
  • Preliminary operating instructions  


The basis for a basic engineering project is developed in the preceding conceptual design work. The separation process is examined, making use of the available know-how both in-house or on your side, data from data banks, and pilot tests. Our expertise and capabilities in scaling up from pilot and demonstration tests to a commercial-size process unit will be brought in to provide you with an optimized design.

Contents of a basic engineering package

We will adapt the contents of the basic engineering according to the chosen scope of supply, ranging from the delivery of key equipment to the provision of a complete skid-mounted unit.

For the delivery of a basic engineering package, including proprietary key equipment, the level of details in the engineering package will enable a qualified and experienced engineering company to proceed with detail engineering, equipment procurement, plant construction and preparation of the final plant operating manuals.

For the delivery of a skid-mounted unit, for which assembly will take place in one of our fabrication workshops, the documentation will focus more on the utilization of the unit.



We stay in close contact with you during the execution of the basic engineering to ensure:

  • The consideration of all local conditions and regulations
  • The necessary agreement and understanding on your part of our chosen technologies
  • The exchange of information about the actual status during basic engineering performance

Typical meetings

  • Kick-off meeting to agree on the basic data
  • Intermediate meeting to present first results and agree on challenges encountered
  • Final meeting to present the basic engineering documentation
  • Further meetings on request (a detail engineering review meeting, for example)
Further services

Further services

Both during and after the execution of a basic engineering project, we can provide you with several additional services that are necessary to construct, install and run the unit, for example:

  • Supporting you with documentation for authorities
  • Participation at HAZOP and other safety related meetings
  • Support during commissioning
  • Support during start-up, usually and preferably provided by the engineer in charge of the basic engineering
  • Participation in performance test runs
  • Support for later plant modifications (for example, de-bottlenecking and capacity increases)
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