Main benefits
  • Extremely robust agitator developed specifically for green liquor dissolving tanks
  • The agitator is oversized with one frame larger than standard, providing additional reliability
  • The cone construction with in-tank bearing supports the shaft just behind the propeller, which gives minimal vibrations
  • Drive unit and seal solutions selected to withstand the tough environment
  • Proven process performance and unique features, such as optimal feed of white liquor for best mixing
  • Energy-efficient hydraulic
Main applications
  • Mixing in green liquor dissolving tanks
Main design features
  • Cone construction with an in-tank bearing gives lower vibrations and more reliable operation
  • Oversized agitator
  • Rigid belt drive to handle pressure shocks
  • Double mechanical seals plus additional flushing for long seal lifetime
  • Propeller blades in duplex steel for highest strength
  • Strong agitation with energy-efficient MX4 propellers
  • Sulzer’s dilution cone DILCO
Key characteristics
SLH-100 22 kW 30 hp
SLH-125 30-37 kW 40-50 hp
SLH-160 55 kW 75 hp
SLH-170 75-110 kW 100-150 hp
Temperature max. 115°C max. 240°F
Pressure max. 8 bar max. 110 psi
pH 2-14 2-14
  • Pulp, paper and board
    Sulzer is the world leader in innovative, reliable, and proven pumping, agitation and mixing solutions for the pulp and paper industry. Our deep process and application knowledge is based on long-term close co-operation with the producers, machinery suppliers and engineering companies.
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