Explore the complete range of SALOMIX side-mounted agitators

All SALOMIX side-mounted agitators ensure minimal power consumption, reliable operation and optimum process results. Thanks to a deep understanding of mixing processes, Sulzer can match the process with the right agitator in industries such as pulp and paper, biofuels, food, chemicals and wastewater.

Main benefits

Our SALOMIX family offers the perfect combination of maximum propeller efficiency and smooth hydraulics, which will significantly reduce your overall power consumption.

Maximum efficiency

  • New high-efficiency hydraulics (patent pending)
  • High pumping capacity and high axial thrust
  • Precise selection – not oversized, not undersized
  • Compatible with IE4 motors

Minimized total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • High-efficiency hydraulics provide substantial savings in power consumption
  • Adjustable blade angles allow performance flexibility without any additional investments
  • Low operational cost and minimized service needs due to robust construction
  • Easy and fast installation thanks to innovative design
  • Low spare part costs due to high standardization

High reliability

  • Long agitator bearing lifetime
  • Smooth hydraulics and rigid construction ensure low vibrations and long lifetime of seals and bearing
  • In-tank bearing for the toughest applications and longest seal and bearing lifetime, or strong cantilever shaft with minimal deflection

Easy maintenance and service

  • Adjustable blade angles allow performance flexibility without any additional investments
  • Optimizing the preventive maintenance by use of conditioning monitoring, such as Sulzer Sense
  • Service-friendly design for easy maintenance

A wide range of applications

The SALOMIX agitators have been designed to operate in demanding applications. We offer a full line of smart equipment that offers power up to 160 kW (200 hp) and suits even the most demanding industry applications such as:

Collage picture of applications (paper, biofuels, food industry, wastewater treatment)
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