Main benefits
  • Solutions for sustainable and cost-efficient production
  • Extensive experience in different fields of biofuels and biochemicals
Main applications
  • For bioethanol
  • For biodiesel
  • For strong acid hydrolisis
  • For edible oil
  • For lactic and succinic acid


Key features
Tray used for biofuels and biochemicals

Key features

Our process system with heat integration for bioethanol rectification and dehydration offers you low life-cycle costs and a short payback time.


Sulzer has extensive experience in the following application fields

  • Mash / beer column (heavy fouling applications) and rectifier for bioethanol distillation process
  • Dehydration of bioethanol by pervaporation / vapor permeation, heat integrated with the overall process
  • Liquid-liquid extraction for strong acid hydrolysis route
  • Biodiesel: fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) drying, methanol recovery, glycerine drying, glycerine purification
  • Free fatty acid removal from edible oil
  • Distillation, crystallization and film evaporation technologies for biorefining processes, including production and purification of lactic and succinic acid

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