Sulzer agitator webinar in Spanish

Learn about agitators and how to save money – join the Sulzer webinar

Do you want to optimize your agitation processes and achieve savings? Welcome to Sulzer’s agitator’s webinar on October 18th, at 10 am, time zone 10:00 am UTC +1

Our agitators are designed to work in demanding industrial applications and various uses. Join the webinar to find out how to optimize your agitation processes and achieve savings.

Thanks to Sulzer’s wide range of energy-efficient agitators, the total power consumption and operating costs can be significantly reduced. Learn how to optimize your processes, save energy, and get insights on how you will benefit from recent product development.

Sulzer’s SALOMIX™ and Scaba agitation technologies fulfill the process requirements across the industries. Our agitators are widely used in all kinds of applications in the pulp and paper industry, such as stock chests, blend chests, causticizers, recycled fibers and wastewater treatment plants.

Sulzer’s powerful agitators are reliable and efficient, and easy and quick to install. The spare parts costs are low due to a high degree of standardization.

Webinar experts:

  • Juan Carlos Montaña / Area Sales Manager
  • Guillermo Arroyo / Area Sales Manager
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Sulzer Pumps Spain S.A.

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