Ahlstrom-Munksjö factory

The challenge

The swell tank is located before the final refiners, just ahead of the headbox. Therefore, high reliability, good mixing performance and energy efficiency are key requirements for the agitator. The stock consistency is normally 3.2% with various kraft pulp types.

The solution

The SALOMIX SSF agitator demonstrated steady performance in the world’s first installation right from the start-up. It was installed in the swell tank, replacing an old SALOMIX SLF agitator. The new agitator is equipped with a high-efficiency EX3 propeller, which has lowered the power consumption by 10% versus the previous SALOMIX agitator with an MX4 impeller. The seal solution is water free, using Sulzer’s grease-lubricated double mechanical seal SAC2G. Read more about the SALOMIX family.

The agitator has been running very smoothly ever since the start-up. The power consumption has been reduced by about 10% with the EX3 propeller compared to the previous one.

Maintenance Engineer, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Billingsfors

Customer benefit

The higher propeller efficiency can be utilized either for energy savings or for increasing the production capacity.

  • high reliability and smooth operation
  • water-free mechanical seal
  • compact installation
  • possibility to achieve more power savings if blade angle is reduced
Technical features

Agitator model:

SALOMIX SSF60-80L with 11 kW motor



Power savings:

Approximately 10% versus the previous SALOMIX installation with MX4 propeller

Seal type:

double mechanical with grease lubrication Sulzer SAC2G

  • SALOMIX™ SSF side-mounted agitators
    A gear-driven agitator for light to heavy duties. Cone design with in-tank bearing makes it able to handle high radial forces and heavy-duty operations. Features the new high-efficiency EX3 propeller.
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