Old agitator installation
Old agitator installation

The project

The customer is a world-leading manufacturer of packaging carton and liquid carton intended for users with very high demands on efficient, creative and functional packaging solutions. The mill runs old agitators of Jylhävaara type in several storage towers.

The power consumption of one of the installed agitators with a 75 kW motor was high. The mill was facing:

  • High power consumption and consequently high operational cost
  • Reliability problems
  • Difficulties to find spare parts

The solution

Sulzer replaced one of the old agitators (75 kW motor) with a SALOMIX SSF100 (30 kW motor) equipped with an EX3 propeller in October 2020. The agitator runs smoothly, and the vibration level is low. The calculated energy saving was realized because the EX3 propeller saves more than 60% energy compared to the previous agitator. The same process performance is still achieved.

SALOMIX SSF did not only achieve a remarkable power saving, but the customer was also able to cut the high maintenance cost and get a compact installation.

Area Sales Manager, Sulzer

SALOMIX SSF installation

Customer benefit

  • Power consumption reduced from 71 to 26 kW, a saving of 45 kW
  • Smooth operation with low vibrations
  • High reliability
  • Cost-effective Sulzer double mechanical seal SAC2
  • Compact installation

The power savings were achieved immediately after start-up. The customer therefore decided to buy the installation shortly after.

Product specification
Agitator model SSF100-130 with a 30 kW motor
Propeller EX3-1300
Energy savings 45 kW, more than 60%
Seal type Double mechanical Sulzer SAC2
Support legs Advanced type
  • SALOMIX™ SSF side-mounted agitators
    A gear-driven agitator for light to heavy duties. Cone design with in-tank bearing makes it able to handle high radial forces and heavy-duty operations. Features the new high-efficiency EX3 propeller.
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