The challenge

To save energy in an already optimized process is not an easy task. Our customer had the opportunity to install the new SALOMIX SSA in a fiber recovery tank in the mill’s wastewater treatment process. The tank has a pulp consistency of 2-5%. The previous cantilever type agitator was installed with a variable speed drive and a 15 kW motor. The normal consistency is about 2-3%, so the previous agitator was optimized with reduced speed, running at less than 40 Hz. Power savings for the SALOMIX SSA can, therefore, be evaluated at the same agitation level as for the previous agitator.

The solution

Sulzer delivered an SALOMIX SSA to replace the existing cantilever type of agitator:

  • Supply of one agitator SALOMIX SSA60
  • Newly developed EX3 propeller with high efficiency
  • Sturdy bearing frame with a minimal bearing lifetime of 200’000 hours
  • Strong and reliable belt drive unit
  • The existing motor and frequency converter were utilized

We continuously strive to lower the environmental impact and increase the competitiveness of our customers.

Product Line Manager Agitators

Customer benefits

With the new SALOMIX SSA, Sulzer has taken another significant step to reduce the power consumption with new groundbreaking hydraulics. Thanks to the efficient propeller design, robust construction, high flexibility and service-friendly design of the new agitator, Sulzer lowers the total cost of ownership for the customers.

  • New efficient EX3 propeller; the pulp and paper mill was able to cut the power consumption with more than 25%, while keeping the same agitation level. This is a significant achievement, considering that the previous agitator already had reduced operating speed through a frequency converter.
  • Smooth and quick installation process through flexible design
  • Rigid installation and strong construction
  • Very low vibration levels
  • SALOMIX™ SSA side-mounted agitators
    A robust, belt-driven agitator for light to heavy duties. Agitator performance can be adjusted through other drive combinations. Features the new high-efficiency EX3 propeller.
Installation data


Agitator size SSA60-B
Propeller EX3-800 with adjustable blade angles
Seal Gland packing
Motor power 15 kW
Drive Belt drive unit with frequency converter
Tank volume 10 m³
Pulp consistency 2-5%
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