Muffin Monster™ grinders

Wipe away blockages and clogging with Sulzer sewage grinders

Increasing content of rag, grease and debris requires cost-effective, reliable solutions that allow to keep a smooth flow through the sewage network, without failing. At the same time, if debris has made its way through the wastewater treatment process, it will concentrate and impact the sludge treatment. Discover how you can keep things moving with our sewage grinders, capable of ensuring reliability and efficiency of the equipment installed both in the wastewater collection networks and treatment plants.
Muffin Monster™ grinders
Smart solutions
XFP pump and grinder

Smart wastewater solutions

Our range of sewage grinders consists of two product families: The Muffin Monster™ and the Channel Monster™. Using low speed and extremely high torque, they cut through the toughest solids.

Together with the market’s most reliable pump technology, they form a complete solution for handling today’s and tomorrow’s tough wastewater challenges – ensuring trouble-free operation and maximum uptime.

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Muffin Monster™
Muffin Monster grinders

Inline/Open Channel Grinder

The Muffin Monster™ sewage grinders are designed to protect pumps and other equipment by grinding down the toughest wastewater solids. Available in three different models, they are powerful and compact enough to fit perfectly into smaller and larger pump stations and within the sludge processing systems of treatment plants.

Muffin Monsters are available with the Wipes Ready™ suite of technologies, designed to capture all wipes in the waste stream and shred them into small pieces

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Channel Monster™
Channel Monster grinders

Open Channel Grinder

The Channel Monster™ sewage grinders are designed to capture and grind down the toughest wastewater solids in high-flow systems such as large pump stations and headworks. They are available in two different models and feature the Wipes Ready™ suite of technologies, designed to capture all wipes in the waste stream and shred them into small pieces.

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